November 2000

Nov 2000
The main modular rack.

Nov 2000
The computer based keyboard scanner.
Okay, it doesn't look like a lot has changed does it? It's been rather hectic for the last few months, with my miniature ponies taking more of my time than my synth.

Notable additions are the new version of the sub-oscillator, and the MOTM-110 VCA/ring modulator. The latter I have had for what must be over two years awaiting its front panel. I built this primarilly for it's "unbalance" adjustment in the ring modulator, hoping it would replicate the unbalanced ring modulator I used many years ago. It didn't. There's nothing wrong with what it does, but it isn't the effect I was hoping for. I guess I'll have to dig out the original "traditional" ring modulator and make it a panel. I'm sure it's still around.

The other obvious addition in the photo is my old sequencer, made entirely of junk. It is the large cream item to the top left. I built this around at a friend's place using whatever was to hand. The idea was he would add modules to it. He was doing a course in electronics at the time, and I had recently aquired him a Roland SH5. Well, he used neither of them, though still wants to keep the SH5.

The sequencer is essentially the ETI sequencer, though with a significant number of modifications to suit what parts were to hand.

The lower photo shows the the 486 based computer I use to scan the keyboard and drive the DCO's. No work has been done on it since June, due to me being somewhat busy working on other projects including some tube based circuits, and preparing for the arrival of this year's miniature pony foals.


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