June 2000

June 2000
June 2000
Two screen grabs. Click pictures for closeups.
More work has been done on the 486 I am using to scan the ex System 100M keyboard.

Most of the work has been put into the sequencer software. The software theoretically will allow the loading and editing of thirty-two 512-note sequences. Each note in the sequence can also have it's length defined. The sequencer/editor has been written in Borland Pascal running under DOS. I've been trying to capture some of the feel of the old synths like the Fairlight, thus the green screen emulation. In reality it is running in 640 x 480 16 color VGA.

The interface is based on a game I was writing back in the early '90s, and is fully object oriented and event driven. Remembering how it all worked, and getting back into programming DOS was an interesting challenge.

The software is far from finished, with a single sequence operational at any given time in "test mode", directly driving VCO1. VCO2 is currently not wired in, due to reconstruction of the 486. It is now built into a rack module in one of my four wooden cases, along with VCO1.

A prototype for VCO3 is on the bench at the moment. It is different in that it is base on a programmable up counter instead of a down counter like VCO2. It also has provision for 1/2 bit accuracy.


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