Nov 1999
The setup in November 1999

1999 saw a number of changes, even since the web site was started. The most obvious is the new case. The case consists of four pine boxes, each capable of holding two 5 unit rack cases. In the photo there are two, one below and one above the reboxed SH5. The new boxes are designed so they can be used either way up, allowing the creation of a curved front panel. modular rack

At the time of the photo, the top case is yet to be connected to the power supply, and as is obvious, there are no modules in the top rack either. Plans are to put a six channel mixer there. Two channels have been built, though as of yet are not tested, awaiting the master mixer.

The setup is still far from ideal, as the cables to the keyboard are too short, and the Roland 100M is sitting on a pile of assorted junk.

The output of the synth has been routed through the organ, allowing me to control the volume with the organ's swell pedal, and more importantly, giving me access to a decent amplifier and speakers.

Article, art & design copyright 1999 by Ken Stone

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