The setup in 1983

On the top shelf is the Mini Pops rhythm unit (sold for $5 after it faulted), with a home built filter/wah-wah sitting on top of it. The rack unit would have had the power supply built into it, even though the front panel is still wrapped in plastic.

On the second shelf is the Roland System 100M, two Carlsbro effects units (almost invisible) and a Hohner Pianet. Of interest is the copper colored module. I think this was the second module I built. The four knobs to the right were the mixer/four step sequencer.

On the bottom shelf is the mixer (black box), an EA graphic equalizer, Ibanez chorus, Rick's sequencer p.s.u. (small silver box), a C.B. radio p.s.u. with a tremelo unit sitting in it, the "missing" silver rack synth panel and the Roland 100M keyboard. By this time the keyboard was running its own p.s.u. after my father demonstrated "the correct method" to unplug the keyboard, totally destroying the connector in the process. It died not long after this. Though Rick's sequencer p.s.u. is in the photo, there is no sign of either the sequencer itself, or his 4600, which I had borrowed around this time.

Article, art & design copyright 1999 by Ken Stone

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