The Organ

Citation Theatre Spinet.

It's amazing what can be bought cheap, if you know where to look. This thirty year old top of the line Lowrey organ forms the center of my synthesizer setup. Sure, it needed repair, but at $10, who was complaining?

Lowrey LSO Holiday.

The Holiday was another cheap organ, this time employing tubes.

Hohner Honerola.

This one is more of a historic organ. This sort of thing is more of a candidate for restoration than stripping for parts.

A Schober?

Recollections of an organ that still influences me.

Schober Organs

Finally, some Schobers of my own.

The organ as a source of synthesizer parts:

Symphonic Holiday.

Starting out in synthesiser DIY? Need parts? Looking at an old organ may be your answer. Many organs from the seventies, and even the eighties are frequently avaliable at rock bottom prices on the second hand market. What do you get for your money if you buy one? Here I look at the insides of a Lowrey Symphonic Holiday from 1975 as an example.

Welson Festival 2000.

This time I look at what an 80's entry level organ has to offer.

Yamaha organs

Some Yamaha organs are examined -

  • B-2 1968
  • BK-4(?) 1973
  • B-30AR 1976
  • B-35 1978
  • B-805 1982

Common chips with inhouse numbers

044-00-L8050 (Motorola), used in Elka = 555 timer.

Article, art & design copyright 1999 by Ken Stone

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